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Seasonal Menu

Pioneering and Old World heirlooms welcome you in. Feel time step back to the gilded age of the lodges in the Adirondacks. Our welcome warmed by generations of excited guests and residents when our main Adirondack Lodge served as a post-office, Adirondack inn and trading post.

Seasonal Events

     - Cooking classes
          - Demos
               - Special events such as "Adirondack Cure Cottage Cuisine Workshops - every Saturday throughout the winter - call ahead"

    Seasonal - Winter: Lake Sunset Meanderings, Sleigh Rides & Old World Aromas!
    Wednesday - Sunday 5:30PM - Lake Sunset.

A Personalized Experience

Where the evening's menu of 8-12 entrees are personally explained to you.
Where your table is yours for the evening.
Where you can experience an entire 1886 Lodge - not just a table - Great Camp Style:

3 Generations of the Hohmeyer Family Invite You

Adirondack Alps is a fusion of Old World traditions from Ernest's European family who ran the Lodge for 30 years. We blend this with new age Adirondack essences from Cathy's Adirondack heritage that built the Lodge in 1886. It's an experience of 2 families, fate and culinary magic where meats are hand-cu, stocks are made from scratch and herbs are grown in our large gardens - where the chef is still the owner.

Adirondack Alps Restaurant Seasonal Menu
Special Event Menu Packages
Culinary Selections!

On a given evening our unique fusion cuisine of Adirondack & Old World blends may consist of the following signature dishes. Please know that we limit our guests to approximately 50 culinary enthusiasts. There exists no turnovers or second seating. Stay for only an hour or relax the entire evening - it is up to you as your table is yours for the entire evening if you wish. This allows Chef Cathy Hohmeyer who is pursuing her Doctorate in naturopathy to personalize her dishes with natural nightly variations and to consider special dietary requests.

This is a sample seasonal menu. Menu changes nightly. Please call for this evening selections.

Our Great Camp Dinner includes Hand-Crafted Soups, Seasonal Salads, Adirondack Alps Main Entree, Family Style Vegetables plus an additional chef surprise which may include Hand Great Potato Pancakes, Dumplings, Ancient Grains and Spaetzle. $45 per person, Appetizers, Desserts, Bar are Ala Carte. Parties of 6 or more 18% gratuity added.
FIVE FORK knife and forkknife and forkknife and forkknife and forkknife and fork AWARD

Truly the highlight of our meal. Our soups take longer to make than virtually any dish we create. Originating from a stock of vegetables and bones (except vegetarian) the process begins and along the way appropriate herbs & spices (and occasionally a dab of Lodge white or red wine!) are added with a selection of meats, poultry or vegetables. The main vegetable & spices come from our garden or root cellar. An old world twist of Bavarian dumplings is added and then you simmer - and you simmer. A sample of nightly soups include:

Elsbeths Famous Chicken & Dumpling Soup - Adirondack Hunter's Soup - Vegetable Beef Soup - Adirondack Alps Onion Soup - Vegetable Soup - Adirondack Fish Suppe - Curried Leak Soup

FIVE FORK knife and forkknife and forkknife and forkknife and forkknife and fork AWARD

We offer perhaps one of the most diverse ranges of salads you may ever encounter. A nightly offering always includes 2-3 choices from a sampling of the following:

Old World Marinated Cucumber Salad - Cathy's Adirondack Garden Salad - Hearts of Artichokes in Gorgonzola Salad - Omi's Tomaten & Bean Salad

FIVE FORK knife and forkknife and forkknife and forkknife and forkknife and fork AWARD
Adirondack Alps Fresh Fish Selections

Blau Friorelle (Blue Trout)

From Ernest's side of the family with a well known Adirondack fish. Filleting fresh trout, slowly simmering in Riesling wine bullion with fresh herbs and spices the combination of which turns the trout blue. It is finished off with an old recipe mustard and horseradish sauce.

Tilapia Rosti:

Taking a delicate light fish, filleting and enveloping it with an Old World Rosti by shredding potatoes with herbs & spices, sautéed till brown.

Salmon in Parchment:

Fresh salmon, filleted with herbs, spices and a dash of pesto. It is then wrapped in parchment that scintillates the juices, as it is oven baked.

Pike Schnitzel:

A well-known Adirondack style fish (Lake Clear is well known for its Northern Pike fishing though as a commercial restaurant we cannot cook these!) that is filleted, immersed in herbs, spices and seasonings, lightly hand pounded, enveloped in breadcrumbs and sautéed as a classic schnitzel.

Omi's Fish Stew:

A classic that warms your heart - and palette yet light and spicy. A collection of filleted to hand cut pieces of varied fresh fish that is simmered in vegetables with natural peppers and a splash of Riesling wine & some other goodies from Omi Hohmeyer.

Adirondack Alps Newburgh:

A traditional dish from Cathy's side. Taking the evenings assortment of fresh fish (with a sampling of fresh lobster!)

Adirondack Wind Surf & Old World Turf:

Combining the Evening's Fresh Fish Selection with the Evening's Old World Roast Selection

FIVE FORK knife and forkknife and forkknife and forkknife and forkknife and fork AWARD
Stews & Sautés

Adirondack Hunters Stroganoff:

Beginning as a sauté with natural peppers, spices & herbs, a combination of Adirondack natural beef, pork, poultry and wild game are hand-cut and from the juices with Lemberger wine a sauce is evolved with cream into a stroganoff. Chef Cathy makes a few varieties of this dish all with a unique twist depending on availability:

Lamb Stroganoff - Venison Stroganoff - Beef Stroganoff - Pork Stroganoff

Adirondack Alps Hasenpfeffer:

Our Adirondack version of a classic old world dish. Chef Cathy hand-cuts rabbit leaves it on the bone and is sautéed in vegetables and concentrating on naturally hot peppers and spices in our Lemberger house wine.

Elsbeth's Rhindfleisch im Wein (Beef-in-wine):

You can guess which side of the family this came from! Once again we fuse an old recipe with Adirondack organic beef, from the juices of the meat with herbs, spices, Lodge Lemberger wine and peppers a sauté is born. It is then simmered forever it seems to create a seamless sauté.

Adirondack Beef or Pork Tenderloin:

In keeping with Adirondack organic stock, fresh beef or pork tenderloin is hand-cut, tossed in Lodge root garden vegetables and spices & slowly simmered in House wine.

FIVE FORK knife and forkknife and forkknife and forkknife and forkknife and fork AWARD
Roasts - Poultry

Ernest's Crisp Roast Duckling:

A favorite of my father's that I remember him eating at 12:00 midnight after the evening's patrons had left - that was their dinnertime! A quite significant duck is oven roasted in vegetables. After a period of several hours it browns and at that time it is pulled from the oven. Each individual order is then hand-cut into large quarters and placed under the grill until crisp. To keep it crisp a cranberry and orange is served on the side not slobbered on top.

Roast Cornish Game Hen:

Whole hens are served at the Lodge! Chef Cathy roasts them whole with herbs & spices. As the game hen browns in the oven, German Honey liquor {what's the name?}is fused with Austrian mustard to create a honey-mustard sauce that is then braised.

Lodge Smoked Cornish Game Hen:

On the Lodge smoker, a Cornish game hen is slowly smoked. Chef Cathy dices fresh pumpkin, peppers and other veggies from the garden to make a unique Pumpkin relish.

Roast Quail:

2 whole quails are served at the Lodge! They are slow roasted in the oven with vegetables until crisp and then an Adirondack blue berry with Bavarian Black berry brandy (Echte Kroatzberre) sauce is layered on top.

Roast Pheasant:

Pheasant is slowly oven roasted and as it cooks its way through from the juices a coriander spiced Bier from Lubeck is open flamed.

FIVE FORK knife and forkknife and forkknife and forkknife and forkknife and fork AWARD
Vegetarian Samplings
Great Camp Style Dining

Adirondack Alps Root Cellar Vegetable Strudel:

Based on vegetables from our Root Cellar, these are intertwined with fresh vegetables, herbs & spices baked in a puff pastry and finished with fresh cheese

Adirondack Alps Dumpling Platter with the world's oldest grain:

A great example of a classic Old World dish fused with Adirondack vegetable, Quinoas and herbs.

Adirondack Old World Vegetable Rosti:

Blending a classic Austrian/Swiss dish with Adirondack ingredients. Our rosti begins by shredding potatoes with herbs & spices, sautéed till brown and then a healthy spread of fresh vegetables and cheese is overlaidand placed under the brioler in the final cooking moments.

Vegetarian and Veegan Schnitzels:

Chef Cathy Hohmeyer specializes in dietary selections by taking Adirondack Alps classic dishes and giving them the appropriate ingredients. In this particular case a classic schnitzel in a unique twist with fresh mushrooms, herbs and spices with appropriate flours or grain, lightly hand pounded and sautéed.

Wild Mushroom:

Vegetarian Rouladen:

Fresh Cabbage is rolled and filled with vegetables, pickles, onions, herbs and spices. As it roasts in vegetables a naturally spiced light wine sauce is made that interacts with the spices inside the Rouladen to give this dish pizzazz.

FIVE FORK knife and forkknife and forkknife and forkknife and forkknife and fork AWARD
Roasts - Meats

Ernst's Roast Pork Loin:

A Lodge Classic for 40 years. A whole center-cut of Roast Pork Loin (you should know that Chef Cathy hand-cuts all the meats and stocks) with bone-in, is slow roasted with vegetables. From the juices of the meat, a red wine sauce is made. When the meat is cooked through, the Pork Loin is cut leaving the bone on and immersed in the wine sauce.


Chef Cathy Hohmeyer presents her unique Adirondack Alps version of a classic old world dish. Traditional beef (lean bottom round) sauerbraten is marinated whole in vegetables for 72 hours. With the vegetables it is then lifted out and slow roasted. From the juices, herbs and spices a Lodge wine sauce is made. After it is cooked all the way through it is thinly sliced and continues its immersion process by being placed back in its wine sauce. Cathy conjures many varieties including:

Adirondack Bison Sauerbraten - Adirondack Venison Sauerbraten - Adirondack Boar Sauerbraten

Adirondack Alps Rouladen:

Rouladen is a classic old world dish that is given a unique Adirondack Alps flair. Top round of beef is initially thinly sliced and then hand-rolled. Inside, it is filled with herbs, spices, peppers, pickles and onions (& a few other unique goodies!). It is held together with 2 tooth-picks (so beware when eating!) and roasted. From the juices of the meat. Lodge signature wine is added with natural peppers and vegetables. The spices inside the Rouladen interact with the wine sauce to give this dish a natural oomph! Upon availability Cathy makes several unique versions of this dish including:

Venison Rouladen - Rabbit Rouladen
Lobster & Sausage Rouladen - Vegetarian Rouladen


Ah, this is the epitome of the Adirondack Alps cuisine: taking the best of the old world and fusing it with the best of the Adirondacks. What is a schnitzel? It is a process. Processes in which you take something - meat, poultry, game, fish, and vegetables - lightly pound it; add herbs, spices, breadcrumbs and sauté. That is the classic schnitzel. Then you can go Bavarian style an add all kinds of toppings. The Lodge produces over 25 different schnitzels and Saturday nights they are on display as part of Schnitzelfest. A sample of a few of these include again depending on availability:

Veal Schnitzel - Chicken Schnitzel - Pork Schnitzel - Salmon Schnitzel - Jager Schnitzel - Ala Holstein Schnitzel - Cordon Blue Schnitzel - Venison Schnitzel - Sausage Schnitzel - Rabbit Schnitzel - Cajon Schnitzel - Mushroom Schnitzel

Additional ala carte selections: Appetizers and Desserts


May be enjoyed in the Rathskeller or at your Dinner Table. Enjoy them individually or nibble on a variety with one of our unique Adirondack Alps Appetizer Samplers!


A sample of old world brats marinated in doppelbock bier and then grilled to perfection with spices.

Adirondack Alps Game Brats::

Dependent on availability, a variety of Adirondack Game brats such as venison, rabbit and boar are marinated as above and then grilled.

Vegetarian Brats:

From the Lodge Brat-maker a variety of garden brats are made with assorted vegetables, herbs and spices and then grilled.

Adirondack Alps Brat Sampler:

Depending on the evening's availability Chef Cathy Hohmeyer will put together a brat sampler for 2, 4, 6 or more!

Shrimp & Garlic

No one does this better than Cathy. Served warm as a sauté with herbs, spices and most important fresh garlic.

Old World Escargots:

We stuff the escargots back into a shell filled with herbs, spices, garlic and a touch of breadcrumbs and oven bake.

Herring-in-wine Sauce:

Pickled old world herring in Riesling wine with seasonings and onions.

Yaworski Potato Pierogi:

From Omi's Polish Grandmother's side: Potato filled peerages sautéed in (a Polish wine or booze - Ernest look it up) with seasonings, bacon and onion.

Adirondack Alps Smoked Trout:

From the Lodge smoker, trout is slowly smoked and finished off with an old world horseradish sauce.

Smoked Oysters/Clams:

Traditional smoked New England fish dependent upon availability, smoked in seasonings.

Annie's Homemade Hummus:

An inspired dish for a friend no longer with us.

Vegetarian Mushroom Schnitzel Bites:

Fresh shitake or portabella mushrooms enveloped with herbs, spices and breadcrumbs sautéed in butter in a unique twist of a classic schnitzel.

Vegetable Strudel Sampler:

A sample that can be made for one, two or six. Based on vegetables from our Root Cellar, these are intertwined with fresh vegetables, herbs & spices baked in a puff pastry and finished with fresh cheese.

Fresh Fruit:

A variety of fresh fruit that varies depending on availability, with an Adirondack presentation.

Adirondack Alps Fresh Cheese Platter:

A combination of old & new world cheeses, dependent upon availability. Pair it with our wines BEFORE and AFTER dinner.

Adirondack Alps Fondue:

Primarily for our lodging guest arrivals - choose chocolate or cheese.

Chicken Liver Pate:

A Lodge classic for 40 years. A top quality pate finished with homemade crackers.

Adirondack Alps Dips:

This does not refer to the staff but Chef Cathy Hohmeyer's incredible knack to conjure up a host of unique dips. Examples include:

Salmon & Cucumber - Bavarian Smoked Wursts -Adirondack Hunters Pate.

FIVE FORK knife and forkknife and forkknife and forkknife and forkknife and fork AWARD
Adirondack Alps Desserts

Chocolate Canoes in Bavarian Raspberry Liquor:

A classic Adirondack and old world fusion! An actual chocolate canoe seated with vanilla ice cream and covered with a Bavarian raspberry liquor filled with raspberries and of course white chocolate paddles!


A Lodge classic for 40 years. This one takes time starting with a unique batter and hand formed in a Piz ell maker. Each individual cornucopia is filled with vanilla ice cream and a special Chef Cathy topping.

German Chocolate Cake:

A classic German specialty - home made at The Lodge!

Adirondack Mountain Pie:

A Chef Cathy inspired idea of a collection of Adirondack berries with a special sauce, baked and served with ice cream and a crispy, flaky crust.

Adirondack Alps Parfaits:

Ernest & Cathy have spent too many evenings mixing old world liquors with eclectic combinations of baked goodies and ice cream and served in a tall glass. Inspirations include:

Black Forest Brownie Parfait in Crème de Menthe - Marzipan Parfait in Honey Liquor - Better-than-Love Parfait in Flaming Zambucca - Omi's Pound Cake Parfait in Rumpelminz

Marzipan Cake:

Chef Cathy has taken this traditional dessert to a new level.

Lindsor Torte:

A Classic European Dessert. A hazelnut crust, raspberry filling and a lattice top.

Adirondack Alps Strudels:

Passed on from generation to generation - sometimes you don't fool with a classic. Fresh pastry is uniquely filled with recipes usually associated with a historic family event. Combinations include:

Apple Strudel - Blueberry Strudel - Raspberry Strudel - Adirondack Berry Strudel - Cream Cheese Strudel - Chocolate Strudel - Peppermint Schnapps Strudel

Omi's Cottage Cheese Cake:

An Omi original. Light cottage cheese fills this traditional cheesecake style. Embellished with berries and Bavarian Raspberry liquor.

Omi's Mousse Delights:

We used to call this the "panic dessert". When Omi needed something light and quick we were amazed at the speed she could whip this together. Her classic was Orange Mousse filled with this delectable Bavarian fruit Liquor. There are many other variations though.

The Birch Cake:

Chef Cathy loves to have the staff conjure up concepts that she somehow takes to this other dimension. In this case a Black Forest Marble cake with white chocolate is fashioned as a Birch stump with Green Crème de Menthe "moss" accents.

Ice Cream Delights:

Occasionally, catch the weekly home made ice cream. Of course it is never served plain except for the youngsters. Our favorite is lemon ice cream with Praline cakes.

Adirondack Alps Romantic Dessert Samplers for 2 Hearts:

A special Chef Cathy Romantic Dessert surprise can be made for 2. It is a combination of light and decadent!

Adirondack Alps Family & Friends Dessert Samplers:

Want to share a dessert sampler at your table or in the Fireplace Rathskeller if available? It's a great way to share and reminisce!

Special Occasion Desserts:

A passion of Chef Cathy is to go beyond the normal to create special occasion desserts. Whether it be birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or just plain fun, it is amazing how creative she can be. Place a silkscreen design on a cake or have you menu done in chocolate. Advanced Notice!

The Spirits of the Adirondack Alps:

We believe we have the most unique spirit(s) in the Adirondacks to complete the evening: Rumpleminz, Chocolate Biers, Belgium Fruit Biers, Ice Wines, A wide range of Bavarian Brandies and Liquors as well as Ernest's secret stash of Single Malt Scotches are just a sampling.

Philosopher Pub

Each night we are open come for a seasonal appetizer or savor our pub menu.

Explore the Outdoor Beer & Wine Garden,

meander with glass in hand to one of the most spectacular sunsets you will find anyway in the world…where Einstein relaxed...

Delight in the Adirondacks only hand-crafted Beer & Wine Cellar

with over 300 specialty beers from around the world and over 350 boutique wines.

Enjoy a Workshop and Tasting on Seasonal Beers and Wines (available to all guests)

such as the History of Lagers. These can be self-guided tasting based on the nightly theme (minimum 2 guests) or a special workshop (see the calendar of events.) Special group tastings available.

On Special Nights Enjoy our Pub Dinner and Discussion Series

Happy hour with a purpose - from seeing our Adirondack lakes with underwater scuba photography to cooking with wild Adirondack edibles!

In our nearby Great Woods, was the Philosopher Camp of Ralph Waldo Emerson and 10 of the "greatest intellectual minds to ever congregate in the Adirondacks" to "be stimulated by the inspiration of" our sylvan woods. In that spirit, each night we are open, Chef Cathy picks a pub theme. This is typically served buffet style in our Fireside Rathskeller, Outdoor Wine & Beer Garden or hand-crafted Lake-view Retreat Center depending on availability. Pub includes:

    1. Fresh Artisanal Breads such as sourdough bread made from sprouted grainand then fresh baked.

    2. A main entrée smorgasbord of fresh vegetables such as cultured cabbage, Chef's surprise accompaniment of hand-rolled spatzle, hand-grated potato pancakes or dumplings. Chef Cathy's seasonal pub main entrée selections include a ‘Schnitzel Bar," Wurst Festival or an Adirondack Grass-fed Stew.


$25 Philosopher Pub Experience. Does not include bar. 18% gratuity added to parties of 6 or more.

Examples of Seasonal Appetizers

Adirondack Alps Wursts served with Naturally Fermented Sauerkraut

Nightly variation of Old World wursts, may include Wursts such as bratwurst, jagerwurst, andouille. Add $3.00 for game sausages

Chef Cathy's Tender Sachetinni Pockets

Tender pasta pockets filled with prosciutto and Alps cheese

Lodge Herring in Wine Freshwater Herring in Riesling wine, served with a cheese potato rosti

Lodge Pike Poppers

A signature appetizer - made with wild caught pike in a hush puppy style corn batter and healthy, organic palm oil

Grilled Figs with Goat Cheese

Grilled Figs accented with cardamom. Served with fresh, local cheese and drizzled with hazelnut oil

Grass-fed Beef Filled Cornhusks

Local cornhusks filled with seasoned, organic grass-fed beef, steamed and then served with homemade tomato salsa and homemade yogurt

Vegetable Strudel

Garden veggies are combined and seasoned, then baked inside a puff pastry shell, topped with local cheese. Nightly variations based on fresh veggies and cheeses.

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